Welcome to the Website of the New England Baptist Fellowship and thank you for your interest in Northeast. The NEBF is a fellowship of pastors, preachers, and evangelists from independent Baptist churches in the New England states. Our purpose is to encourage pastors and preachers through spirit-filled Bible preaching and uplifting Christian fellowship. Meetings are typically scheduled on the first Monday of each month which includes 2 or 3 Bible messages followed by a hearty lunch prepared and served by the host church. In addition there are 2 special meetings each year. First, the Regional Prayer Meeting in February. Secondly, the Northeast Church Planting Conference in March. These 2 special events take the place of a regular scheduled NEBF meeting.

The NEBF strives with the support of the Fellowship of pastors in the Northeast to accomplish the following goals:

    1. To ENCOURAGE Pastors in the Northeast.
    2. To ENGAGE in Church Planting in the Northeast.
    3. To ENTREAT the Lord in prayer for the Northeast.

Your Friend,
Pastor Tom A. Faulk
Moderator, NEBF